Title Created Date
SHARK Set for Unprecedented Assault Against Cockfighting Nationwide! Oct 04 2020
News Story: Group asks FBI, governor to investigate what it calls cockfighting ‘corruption’ Sep 30 2020
SHARK Decimates Attendance at Cockfighter Meeting! Aug 26 2020
Cockfighters to Hold Major Meeting in Alabama This Weekend - Cockfighters Threaten to Kill SHARK Investigators Aug 19 2020
• Important Crush Cockfighting Campaign Update! Jul 27 2020
SHARK to Debate Cockfighter! Jul 15 2020
Watch SHARK’s Groundbreaking Undercover Video of Kentucky Cockfights! Jul 07 2020
Corrupt CA Sheriff Lets Rodeo Endanger the Public May 14 2020
Emergency Action Alert: Help Injured and Sick Cows on Illinois Farm May 04 2020
Operation: Shutdown - A Pigeon Shoot and More Canned Hunting Clubs Closed! Apr 28 2020
SHARK’s Drone Video Creates Legislation Against VA Dog Breeding Prison Apr 27 2020
Operation:Shutdown - Four More Hunting Clubs Closed! Apr 16 2020
Operation:Shutdown! Another Victory and Action Alert Apr 15 2020
SHARK Launches New Campaign to Help Dogs in Breeding Prisons: Beagle Salvation! Apr 09 2020
Another Operation: Shutdown Victory! Apr 07 2020
SHARK Shuts Down Multiple Canned Hunts, Sparing Thousands of Ducks and Pheasants! Apr 06 2020
SHARK Fights On and Shuts Down Pigeon Shoot! Mar 22 2020
Victory - Horse Stabber Banned From Denver Rodeo! Mar 17 2020
Alliance Formed to Combat Rodeo Animal Abuse Mar 09 2020

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