Title Created Date
Summer 2021 Mailer Sep 10 2021
Victory! SHARK's Work Forces Tiger King Zoo to Give Up Their Animals Aug 26 2021
Horse Injured at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo / Victory! Disney Cancels Rodeo Movie! Aug 02 2021
SHARK to Prosecutor: Revoke Bond For Violent Cockfighter! Jul 29 2021
July 4th is a Mega-Cockfighting Weekend in Kentucky - SHARK Will Be There! Jul 14 2021
Beagle Salvation Campaign T-Shirt Fundraiser! Jul 14 2021
SHARK's Latest Videos Exposing Animal Cruelty Jul 14 2021
Las Vegas Covers SHARK’s Expose' of “Tiger King" Usurper Jul 14 2021
Keep pressure on the OK Sheriff who refuses to save starving dogs! Jul 14 2021
Emergency Alert: Dogs, Roosters in Oklahoma NEED YOUR HELP NOW! Jul 14 2021
SHARK Shuts Down A Cockfight in Oklahoma! Jul 14 2021
Will Rider University Reject Cruelty and Misogyny? Jul 14 2021
SHARK's Anti-Cockfighting Campaign in the News Jul 14 2021
Animal Protection Groups to Disney -Cruelty is NOT Family Entertainment! Jul 14 2021
SHARK in The Animals Voice Magazine Jul 14 2021
Breaking News: Cockfighters Charged for Assault! Jul 14 2021
Watch the News Story: "Animal welfare group attacked and it's all on body cam" Jul 14 2021
Victory! Cruel Pig Wrestling Event in Wisconsin Permanently Cancelled Jul 13 2021
Victory! SHARK Shuts Down Major Pro-Cockfighting/Animal Abuse Fundraiser! Jan 21 2021
SHARK and HFA Score Major Victory in California! Jan 12 2021

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