Title Created Date
Alabama Forestry Association Pigeon Shoot Exposed Mar 05 2018
SHARK's Latest Videos / Thank the Colleton County Sheriff Mar 01 2018
Audio Proves Pigeon Shooters Lied to Police about Drone Shootings! Feb 20 2018
SHARK Exposes South Carolina Pigeon Shoot - Three Drones Shot Down! Feb 13 2018
Open Letter to HSUS on Pigeon Shoots Jan 24 2018
SHARK 2017 Year in Review Final Part - January 4, 2017 Jan 04 2018
SHARK 2017 Year in Review Part III Jan 02 2018
SHARK 2017 Year in Review Part II Dec 29 2017
SHARK 2017 Year in Review Part I Dec 26 2017
Please Continue to Contact CBS about Horse Abuse at the National Finals Rodeo Dec 12 2017
CBS Airs More Horse Abuse at the National Finals Rodeo Dec 11 2017
Another Major Victory: Wing Pointe Stops Holding Pigeon Shoots! Dec 05 2017
PA District Attorney Ignores the Law, Protects Appalling Animal Abusers Dec 01 2017
VICTORY! PA Pigeon Shooters Cancel Shoots, Go Into Hiding, After Back-To-Back SHARK Exposés Nov 21 2017
Pigeons Shot, Brutalized, Buried Alive at Pennsylvania Pigeon Shoot Nov 17 2017
Boy Filmed Tearing the Heads off of Dozens of Injured Pigeons at PA Pigeon Shoot Nov 07 2017
CBS to Air Cruel National Finals Rodeo + Peter Singer and Animal Charity Evaluators' Unethical Alliance Oct 16 2017
Humane Groups Sacrificed Pigeons in New PA Cruelty law Sep 15 2017
VICTORY! Labor Day Pigeon Shoot Cancelled! Sep 12 2017
Media Coverage of SHARK's Victory over US Senator Inhofe Sep 12 2017

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