December 11, 2017


SHARK is condemning CBS for once again airing the National Finals Rodeo after we exposed horses being electroshocked at the 2016 rodeo. Evidence of cruelty from that rodeo, which aired on the CBS Sports channel, can be seen HERE. 

A frame from the 2016 video showing a horse being electroshocked

The video, which went viral, has been viewed more than 90,000 times. An accompanying petition calling on CBS to stop airing the rodeo has received more than 11,700 signatures. However, CBS has shamefully refused to respond to the fact that horses are being hurt so they can sell advertising (CBS is actually being paid to air the NFR).

We’ve already witnessed new incidents of horses being electro-shocked at the 2017 rodeo, which started airing this past weekend. It is disgraceful that CBS has ignored the cruelty and remained silent in the face of great public opposition to this brutality.

Please call and write CBS every day this week asking them to stop airing this cruel rodeo!
(the rodeo continues for the entire week):
Please also call CBS and ask to be put through to the complaint hotline:

Please be polite and respectful in all your communications.

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