What's the matter with government deer culls?

SHARK exposes the tax funded slaughter of wildlife.

DeNicola/White Buffalo accused of cruel methods

Great article in the November 15, 2009 Toledo Blade exposing Denicola and his deer killing company.

White Buffalo was at the center of controversy when SHARK filmed the 2004 undercover video footage near Akron, just as it has been in several other states where it has culled deer, such as California, New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, and Maine.

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"Deer management programs," which are in reality mass slaughters, are not the clean, efficient or humane culling programs "wildlife experts" would have the public believe. Whether the method is sharpshooting, rocket netting, net trapping, etc., the massacres are problematic and cruel, with the animals paying for every mistake their executioners make.

SHARK has documented a number of government deer killing operations over the years and and each one was found to be cruel. It's no wonder that a common thread running through all deer cull operations is the need for complete secrecy. The government knows they cannot, under any circumstances, allow the general public to see what actually takes place at these slaughters.

Watch video and read about SHARK's latest deer killing exposé in March 2015 here.

Click on the pages to the left for the details of the Akron Metro Parks deer slaughter run by Anthony DeNicola and see videotape as they cruelly and slowly suffocate a deer to death. And then read about the ensuing corruption as park rangers allowed Anthony DeNicola to damage and erase SHARK's cameras and documentation.

Next, watch the videotape and read about the cruel rocket netting operation in Cook County, IL that SHARK shut down.

And finally read a story from Lake County, IL detailing the sad story of one victim from their government deer cull operation.


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