Title Created Date
California Cockfighting Exposed Aug 01 2019
‘Truly barbaric’: Viral video of dogs warehoused for research raising concerns Jul 28 2019
SHARK's Drone Video Exposes Labcorp Beagle Breeding Facility Jul 11 2019
SHARK Drone Exposes Labcorp Research Beagles Jul 11 2019
SHARK's 25th Anniversary Fighting for Animals! Jul 02 2019
Cowtown Rodeo Humiliates Girl Scout Partners / SHARK in the News Jun 27 2019
Marcus Lemonis Demands Removal of American Flag-- Girl Scouts/Cowtown Rodeo Protest This Saturday - June 11, 2019 Jun 11 2019
Upcoming Protests: NJ Girl Scouts Support Rodeo with History of Racism, Misogyny Jun 03 2019
SHARK Needs Your Help Now to Save Lives! May 22 2019
Victory for Cownose Rays! + Girl Scouts Outrageous Response to Cruel, Misogynistic Rodeo May 17 2019
Two Rodeo Victories! + NJ Girl Scouts Support Cruel, Misogynistic Rodeo May 16 2019
Red Bluff Rodeo Caught Shocking Horses, Kills One Horse Apr 29 2019
SHARK’s Drones Film Horrific Pheasant Slaughter Sponsored by Marcus Lemonis’ Company Apr 11 2019
Marcus Lemonis - "Profit," or Animal Abuse Enabler? Apr 11 2019
Celebrity CEO Marcus Lemonis Called On To Withdraw Sponsorship of Cruel Canned Hunting Contest Mar 25 2019
Campaign to Ban Rodeos in LA Scores First Victory! Mar 14 2019
Action Alert: Bill to Extend Moratorium on Cownose Ray Killing Contests in Maryland Feb 14 2019
CBS Network's Cruelty and Corruption Exposed Feb 12 2019
SHARK Sues Pigeon Shooters Over Shot Drones Feb 07 2019
SHARK to Attend 2019 NRA Conference/PA Authorities Give Animal Cruelty a Pass Jan 25 2019

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