June 15, 2021


SHARK is working everyday to stop animal abuse and cruelty. For instance, our anti-cockfighting tip line has been so successful, that we are inundated with great information that we are using to go after cockfighters across our country. The only thing holding us back is funding for our investigations. SHARK doesn't spend money on fundraising.

While cockfighting is one of our major campaigns, we deal with numerous other issues involving a wide variety of animals. In the past week alone, we released four videos on our YouTube channel ranging from canned hunting, abused dogs, zoos to corruption within the animal protection movement. Go a bit further back on our channel and you will see our videos on live pigeon shoots, rodeos, beagle breeding facilities and more.

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Dollar for dollar and person to person, no other group gets as much done for the animals as SHARK.  We need funds for our travel van, funds for our drones, funds for our travel expenses and our investigators' costs. Our work costs money, the only thing free is our volunteer President who is a frontline investigator too.

Please consider making a generous donation to keep SHARK moving and fighting animal abusers.

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