June 21, 2021


Celebrate the 4th of July and help bring freedom to dogs bred for research! Purchase a new Beagle Salvation T-Shirt and support SHARK's work exposing animal cruelty and abuse!

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SHARK created the Beagle Salvation campaign to expose and rectify the plight and suffering of dogs imprisoned at massive breeding facilities. These dogs, no different than the ones we live with in our homes, are fated to be used for experiments - to be tortured and killed.

One of the many dogs SHARK has filmed with our drones at the hideous Envgio dog breeding warehouse in VA

SHARK has already done ground-breaking work with our drones at breeding factories in New York and Virginia, where we filmed overcrowded cages littered and stained with feces and urine. We filmed how these stressful conditions lead to fighting and other signs of dominance, as well as repetitive and erratic behavior. We also captured hours of heart-breaking audio, showing how these dogs howl and cry throughout the day. 

We want to shed light on more of these prisons and the cruelty committed within them. We want to create enough public pressure to force changes to not only how these dogs are treated, but to replace dogs with valid, non-animal means of testing which are much more reliable and safer for humans. This is the 21st century, not the dark ages. It’s long past time we started acting like it.


Watch our videos on these links:

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Drone Exposes Warehoused Research Beagles

Cruel Beagle Breeding Prison Revisited


These dogs deserve freedom from a life of suffering and when you wear this shirt, you’ll be supporting SHARK’s work to save animals. Please also consider making a generous donation directly to SHARK to support work that no one else is doing.








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