May 30, 2021


SHARK is back in Bartlesville, OK, at the property where roosters and dogs are being kept in terrible conditions. Deputies from the Sheriff’s office were there with us and saw this poor girl, who is clearly starving and covered in flies - yet they did nothing!


This dog and all the other animals suffering on this property must be saved, and we are hard at work. Right now we are getting them food and we don’t care if they arrest us for trespassing. However, that is only a temporary measure. 

These are clear violations of the anti-cruelty statutes and Sheriff Scott Owen must take action. Please keep the pressure on the Washington County Sheriff’s office:

The address for this hellhole is 219 NE Home Ave, Bartlesville, OK.

Sheriff Scott Owen
Weekend Number: (918) 338-4001
Weekday number: (918) 332-4000


Here are the videos we released over the weekend on this important issue:

*Update on Dogs and Roosters in Oklahoma
Dogs, Roosters in OK need you now!

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