Government Bailouts are Nothing New for Rodeo

New Mexico Boosts Economy With Rodeos

by Eric Mack

Three years ago New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson formed the New Mexico Rodeo Council in an attempt to boost his state's economy. The effort is beginning to pay off. This week, the state hosts the National High school rodeo finals, billed the "world's largest rodeo."

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Rodeos are unable to support themselves. Rodeos MUST have government welfare in order to continue abusing animals because more and more people everyday say NO to attending these sad spectacles of cruelty. Attendance is dropping and corporations are looking elsewhere to spend sponsorship dollars. But instead of getting real jobs, the rodeos simply drop to their knees and beg the government for more money.

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Legislature mulls tax exemption for rodeo

By The Associated Press | Sunday, February 01, 2009

MITCHELL -- A range of things from baseball umpires to mink farms and emu producers would lose tax exempt status under legislative proposals designed to increase state revenue during this recession.

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Supporting an American tradition

The local PRCA rodeo committee is raising funds to keep the rodeo going at the Lyon County Fair

July 3, 2009
By Karin Elton
It's part of America's heritage and it should be supported, said Lyon County PRCA Rodeo committee members Thursday.

"We need help from the general public to continue putting on the rodeo," said Lyon County Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association committee member Gene Schrunk.

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City files lawsuit against rodeo


Herald-Banner Staff

Published: December 22, 2008

GREENVILLE — The attorney for the City of Greenville has filed a lawsuit against a North Texas professional rodeo, even though a former official of the organization attempted to provide paperwork detailing how the rodeo spent the city’s tourism dollars.

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