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Cruelty brought to you by unethical corporations

The purpose of CorporateThugs.com is to "out" cruel and unethical companies that are fraudulently masquerading as responsible and ethical corporations. Today's corporate world is loaded with corporate thugs, including some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

Corporate Thugs spend untold millions of dollars on public relations departments and advertisements. Their propaganda promotes lily white and/or environmentally green images, when in fact these companies are sponsoring indefensible animal cruelty at rodeos.

Please speak up for the animals below and tell these companies that as long as they continue to support animal abuse you will not buy their products. They will listen if consumers are loud enough. Urge these companies to look at the videos from SHARK's investigations and remind them that no one should want to be aligned with this sort of pointless and appalling cruelty. 

Think Rodeo Doesn't Need Corporate Welfare? Guess Again. 

Rodeos like to portray themselves as being rugged and self-sufficient. They claim to be true pioneers that can survive without any handouts. But back in the real world, nothing could be further from the truth.

Rodeos would close up tomorrow if corporate America quit subsidizing this animal abuse. This is why it is so very important to let your opinion be known to the Coca-Colas and Super 8s of this world.

Read about the corporations who quit rodeo thanks to your efforts!


Say NO to Rodeo (and sponsors)

Active Campaigns

Tell Les Schwab to Not Support Animal Abuse

Les Schwab Tire Centers sponsor rodeos like the infamous Jordan Valley's Big Loop Rodeo and the Reno Rodeo and the Sister's Rodeo. All brutal, brutal events where aniumals are injured and killed for 'entertainment.' You can see a horse break his leg and a calf die in the videos below:

Big Loop Rodeo Breaks Horse's Leg

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Tell Dodge and Fiat Not to Sponsor Deadly Rodeos


There is a dark side to the company that only wants you to think about its automobiles. Chrysler/Dodge/Fiat is one of the largest sponsors in the United States of the horrific "sport" of rodeo, supporting the barbaric and pointless abuse, injuries, and deaths of animals forced to "perform" in this industry.

In 2011, not long after getting a US Government Bailout, Dodge went bankrupt. Chrysler was then purchased by Fiat Automobiles of Italy.

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Kick Super 8 Hotels Out of Rodeo Cruelty

The Super 8 hotel chain has announced that they are sponsoring both the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), so they have doubled down on their sponsorship of animal cruelty.

The PRCA is the front group that desperately tries to mask the brutal nature of rodeos. Thanks to SHARK's numerous videos from PRCA sponsored rodeos, the public knows the truth: rodeos are violent, ugly and completely dishonorable. We haven't hidden our videos - in fact any PR firm looking to sponsor an event would at least do a Google search before they sign the contract. So we can safely assume Super 8 knew exactly what it was doing when it entered into this bloody agreement with the PRCA.

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End Coke Cruelty


Why Does Coca-Cola Lie To Its Customers?

coke crueltyCoca-Cola has an official "Animal Welfare Policy" proclaiming:

"The Coca-Cola Company does not endorse or condone any practice of cruelty to animals, and the Company does not sponsor or promote events where there is a risk of physical harm to animals. Additionally, The Coca-Cola Company does not sponsor rodeos or bullfighting events."

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