New Mexico Boosts Economy With Rodeos

by Eric Mack

Three years ago New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson formed the New Mexico Rodeo Council in an attempt to boost his state's economy. The effort is beginning to pay off. This week, the state hosts the National High school rodeo finals, billed the "world's largest rodeo."

Click here to listen to the 4 minute radio story

Rodeos are unable to support themselves. Rodeos MUST have government welfare in order to continue abusing animals because more and more people everyday say NO to attending these sad spectacles of cruelty. Attendance is dropping and corporations are looking elsewhere to spend sponsorship dollars. But instead of getting real jobs, the rodeos simply drop to their knees and beg the government for more money.

Click the link below to listen to NPR radio doing a one-sided fluff piece on rodeos. Despite trying to show rodeos in a positive light, they end up explaining pretty well how rodeos need to beg for money from the government to prop up what is obviously a dying "sport".


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