Success! Campbell Capitulates to Compassionate Consumers

Since SHARK began our tireless campaign in 2005 to get Campbell Soup/Pace Foods out of the rodeo abuse industry, caring consumers everywhere have been waiting for this news: 

"Campbell Soup Company and Pace Foods are no longer sponsors of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA)."

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AT&T is Cruel No More!

AT&T/Cingular Wireless stopped supporting rodeo animal abuse!! All indications are that AT&T is out of the rodeo abuse business!!

Thank you for all your phone calls and emails to AT&T!

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Barbera Dodge Victory!

A campaign spearheaded by the Rodeo Education Campaign (REC) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


In a grand example of how a committed, localized effort, can make a direct impact against rodeo abuse, Gary Barbera Dodge has withdrawn sponsorship to the Liberty Pro Rodeo after the launch of the "Barbera Brutality" campaign.

A half an hour into the first on-site demonstration at Gary Barbera Dodge, the operations manager came outside to inform the REC demonstrators that the business had withdrawn their support of the rodeo and handed over this statement.

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Bullfighting Barbie Banished!

After a hard-hitting campaign spearheaded by SHARK, Mattel stopped production of the "Spanish Barbie." This doll, dressed as a matador, glorified the despicable murder of bulls, to young children no less! After a public campaign by SHARK that took the harsh reality of bullfighting to the streets, first by using the "Slam Van", a van with three televisions, and then the Tiger Truck, Mattel heeded the public outcry. The makers of the Bullfighting Barbie assured SHARK there would be no more.

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