What is a "progressive" company like Southwest thinking? Southwest Airlines tries to appear animal-friendly by sponsoring the Humane Society of the United States's Genesis Awards, but then turns around and gives money to an industry that abuses hundreds of thousands of animals in rodeos every year.

We may never know, but the good news is that they are out of the rodeo animal abuse industry!

Below is some information from that campaign. 


Southwest Airlines liked to promote the rodeo as 'family entertaiment'. Click here to read SWA's opinion that rodeo is "fun" sport.

Then go to RodeoCruelty.com to learn the truth. You will see there is nothing to LUV about rodeos.

Southwest says they are "A Symbol of Freedom". Freedom of what? Freedom to abuse? Freedom to shock horses? Freedom from cruelty laws? 


Some of the rodoes sponsored by SWA include:

Southwest should be ashamed to have their name and reputation put up alongside that of a brutal and barbaric event, like the Austin Rodeo.

  • San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
  • Arkansas State Fair Rodeo
  • Industry Hills, CA Pro Rodeo
  • Tucson AZ La Fiesta de los Vaqueros Rodeo
  • Mesquite, TX Championship Rodeo
  • Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo, Austin

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