Rodeo people claim to be good Christian, patriotic folk, with "rodeo family values." Listen to their own words, then let us know what you think!

WARNING: The obscenities, racism, homophobia and generally repulsive behavior in these calls is sadly, in our experience, pretty typical of the average rodeo supporter.

These calls were left on SHARK's answering machine. SHARK thinks rodeo supporters should be able to voice their opinion too, so we're giving everyone a chance to hear some of these calls right here.

We're sure that the thinking, honest, caring people of the West don't want these folks representing them. Makes you wonder why rodeo sponsors are willing to put their names alongside the likes of these people and other rodeo supporters?

Rodeo sponsors want these people as a customers so badly they will pay big money to support rodeos? Dodge is so desperate to sell trucks that they are going after this demographic? We already knew that corporations like Coke are willing to lie about their rodeo sponsorship in order to sidestep their own corporate rules, but now we can see who they are so desperately trying to get to drink their products and it isn't a pretty picture.

Embarrassingly for most Americans, these calls are genuine. SHARK had nothing to do with making these calls--we couldn't have made a parody this disgusting.

In stark contrast to these hometown rodeo boys mangling of the English language, please take a moment to see what a former Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo volunteer has to say about the current state of rodeo.

You can read more about what rodeo supporters have to say at RodeoFamilyValues.com.

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