What a shock, Rodeo Houston has no idea about any crimes that may or may not be committed at their rodeo. Allegedly. Should be interesting to see how this tactic plays out for them.

This all stems from a gang rape by Houston Rodeo fans.


The Houston Rodeo, the largest in the world, and one that attracts nearly all of the business and political glitterati of Texas, is avoiding sharing crime records from its events, according to an investigative consultant probing a rape case in which the Rodeo is a defendant.

Records suggest that the Rodeo does not track crimes that take place at the world-famous event. In a records request, the Rodeo said it had no records showing crimes for its event. It said, rather that the Houston Police track crimes that take place at NRG Stadium, where the Rodeo draws more than two million attendees in February and March. 

That raises questions for former ABC13-KTRK investigative reporter, Wayne Dolcefino.

“There is no crime at the rodeo,” he said after looking at the records. “Do you really believe that? We were asked to investigate, and using the Texas Public Information Act, we wanted to see if any sex crimes unfolded at this year’s Rodeo… We didn’t just ask for that. We asked the Houston Police, Harris County Sheriff and the Precinct One Constable to give us any reports, or any incident, crime or arrests during the 23-day Rodeo at NRG Stadium.”

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