Violence is a way of life for rodeo people. You can read the full story here: https://au.news.yahoo.com/rodeo-champ-avoids-jail-over-nt-attack-082328370--spt.html


One of Australia's best bull riders has narrowly avoided jail in the Northern Territory after his involvement in a vigilante attack on another man he wrongly believed owed money.

Cody James Tapp and Joel David Glyn Mellor went to the NT home of Jacob Dickson in February last year to dish out what Chief Justice Michael Grant described as "the prosecution of vigilante debt-collecting activity".

The men had no personal connection to him but wrongly believed that he owed Mellor's ex-partner and her brother money.

That was part of a convoluted arrangement in which he had taken over their residential lease and would either pay them for furniture left behind or clean up and return their bond.

That was untrue, Justice Grant said, as the property had been left in a poor state and the bond was forfeited.

Mellor and Tapp went to the property and broke open a door.

Mellor stole the man's phone and assaulted him and Tapp stole his motorcycle.

Tapp, 34, has an impressive record in rodeo including winning an Australian championship in 2001.

He also has a criminal history in the NT and Queensland including numerous traffic offences going back 15 years and was jailed last October.

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