Great Story about Sheriff's deputies being forced to work for the rodeo while on duty:


WAAY 31 I-Team Investigation: On-duty deputies selling rodeo ads


Morgan County's sheriff told WAAY 31 her deputies sell the ads while on duty


Part of getting ready for the rodeo is selling sponsorships and advertisements. There’s nothing wrong with that. For some folks, though, the problem comes in when it’s deputies doing the door-to-door selling while they’re on duty.

"We’re professional law enforcement officers,” Rick Sherman told WAAY 31. “We're out there to enforce the law. We're not door-to-door salesmen.”

Sherman says Sheriff Franklin forced him to resign from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in 2016. He’s just filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Franklin.

Sherman told us Morgan County deputies collecting cash comes across as heavy handed.

“As law enforcement officers -- in uniform, badge, gun, everything else -- asking people for money, that wasn't our jobs," Sherman told us.


Click here to watch full story. Great job WAAY 31 I-Team!




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