Is it any surprise that people who can work for animal abusing organizations also lack the morals to not commit other crimes?


Rodeo Austin reports $1.3 million loss in embezzlement

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- A former Rodeo Austin employee is accused of stealing more than a million dollars from the organization. KXAN Lead Investigator Brian Collister spoke directly with the suspect who claims a disease and medication led him to steal.

Until a few months ago, Mark Weston, a certified public accountant, was Rodeo Austin's finance manager since being hired in 2014. According to a lawsuit filed against Weston, the nonprofit discovered there were "discrepancies in its financial accounts" in June of 2016.

In a signed legal agreement, Weston confessed to using Rodeo Austin's accounts, including corporate credit cards, for his personal use, and misappropriating funds. Weston said he'd pay back $850,000.

But according to the nonprofit's latest IRS filing the actual amount missing is $1.3 million. Rodeo Austin's CEO says the number rose when a forensic auditor completed a full review of the books, which was after Weston signed the agreement.

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