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Unless otherwise noted, all Kentucky cockfight pits known to us are closed right now (March 2022) due to ongoing Federal Law Enforcement activities. We thank the feds for their work, and will continue to post information we hope will be helpful.
SHARK is waiting for any cockfight pits to re-open, at which point we will expose them to law enforcement, and to the world.

Charlie's Pit, Martin County, KY

Whitesburg Pit, Letcher Co, KY BUSTED! Operators under Federal Indictment. Read More.

Laurel Creek Pit, Clay County, KY Currently closed as of May 2022

Shaker Hill Pits, Butler County, KY

McKee Pits, Jackson County, KY

Hawk's Nest, Pinsonfork, Pike County, KY

Blackberry Pits, Blackberry, Pike County, KY Currently closed as of May 2022, we are told permanently, but time will tell.

Honest Abes, Pine Knot, McCreary County, KY

Bald Rock Pits/Big H, London, Laurel County, KY BUSTED! Operators under Federal Indictment. Read More.

CJ's Pit, London, Laurel County, KY BUSTED! Operators under Federal Indictment. Read More.

Congleton Hollow Road, McKee, Jackson County, KY Currently closed as of May 2022

Pinemountain Game Club, Harlan County, KY


Circle B Pit, Stringtown, OK

Montana Dodd's Pit, Stringtown, OK Down as of June 2022 after being exposed.

Circle B Pit, Stringtown, OK

Massive new illegal cockfight arena we located in June 2022!


This pit property is owned by Kimberly Lynn Baughman. The cockfighting pit is managed by Robert Ray Baughman, both of Stringtown, OK. More details below.

17031 Highway 43, Stringtown, OK 74569. (Atoka County)

Bing Maps Link

Exact coordinates: 34.5098, -95.8734

Circle B Cockfight Pit (Click photo to enlarge)

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Charlie's Pit, Martin County, KY


To reach Charlie’s Pit from the Tomahawk, KY Fire Department, proceed south on Rock House Rd for 0.4 miles and then turn left onto Lower Wolf Branch Rd. Continue 0.35 miles to the end of the road and arrive at this illegal cockfighting pit.

Google Map Link: 37.860876, -82.589711

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Whitesburg, KY Pit

There is momentous news in our Crush Cockfighting campaign. On Saturday, federal agents and Kentucky State Police descended on a cockfight near Whitesburg, Kentucky. There were lots of various law enforcement vehicles, a helicopter - a full-blown federal bust. See video shot by a local here. 

A local newspaper and others posted images, some of which are included in this update. SHARK has been aware of the Whitesburg pit for months, and actually took undercover footage inside the pit. This footage showed children as both attendees and working within the criminal operationAfter getting this footage we decided to give the feds time to deal with the operation their way, which finally happened on Saturday.

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Shaker Hill Pit, Butler County, KY

4492 Oakridge Road (KY 340), Morgantown, KY

To reach the illegal Shaker Hill Pit from the Butler County Sheriff's Office in Morgantown, KY, proceed north on Highway 231 N for 2.4 miles. At KY-79 N, turn right and follow for 6.6 miles. At KY-70 N, turn left and continue for 4.7 miles. The pit will be on the right side of the road.

Google Map link: 37.37368821714852, -86.60730646366524

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