"Tradition should never serve as an excuse for cruelty."

Some towns, cities, states, and countries have realized that rodeos belong to the Dark Ages, and have made moves to eliminate or restrict this cruel, needless excuse for entertainment. Rodeo propagandists like to claim that their industry is a "true American sport", but this listing shows that people all across America are rejecting rodeo's abuse.

Below is a partial listing, as more and more places realize every year that rodeo's victims deserve protection. Alert your local authorities if you find any of these laws being violated in your area!

Within the United States
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has exposed the sham of rodeo by banning their 'tools of torture'. By prohibiting the use of electric prods, shocking devices, flank or bucking straps, wire tie-downs, sharpened or fixed spurs, and rowels in rodeos, the rodeos can't force the animals to 'perform'. Pittsburgh is a blackout city for rodeos and their cruelty.
  • Leestown, Virginia has also effectively banned rodeo by restricting the use of flank straps, electric prods and spurs.
  • San Francisco, California prohibits rodeos.
  • Nevada prohibits steer roping. Nevada's state veterinarian says steer roping causes animals to get "hurt too often".
  • Pasadena, California prohibits rodeos.
  • Alameda County, California a veterinarian must be present at the rodeo.
  • State of Ohio bans use of flank straps.
  • California prohibits the use of electric prods once an animal is in the chute.
  • In California a written reports of animal injuries must be submitted to the California State Veterinary Medical Board within 48 hours of the conclusion of the rodeo.
  • Rhode Island and California require a veterinarian present at every rodeo.
  • Southampton, New York effectively bans rodeos by prohibiting the use of electric prods or shocking devices, flank or bucking straps, wire tie-downs, sharpened spurs, bull hooks and bullwhips at rodeos.
  • Baltimore County, Maryland prohibits calf roping
  • Montgomery, New Jersey bans the use of electric prods at the annual rodeo.
  • Rhode Island prohibits all calf roping except breakaway roping, thus also resulting in steer roping being illegal.
  • Baltimore, Maryland prohibits use of spurs in rodeos.
  • Napa County, California prohibits rodeos.
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana prohibits rodeos.
  • St. Petersburg, Florida prohibits rodeos.
  • Greenburgh, New York prohibits rodeos on town property.
  • St. Charles, Illinois prohibits the use of electric prods once the animal is in the holding chute.
Outside the United States 
  • The United Kingdom prohibits rodeos.
  • Australia's Capitol Territories prohibit rodeos.
  • Auckland, New Zealand, the country's largest city, prohibits rodeos on Council-owned land.
  • Germany prohibits calf roping.
  • Vancouver, Canada prohibits calf roping.
  • Cloverdale Rodeo in British Columbia, Canada banned calf roping, team roping, cowboy cow milking and steer wrestling.
  • State of South Australia and Victoria, Australia have eliminated the "sport" roping of small animals (calves, goats, etc.) by a requiring animals to weigh at least 200 kg.
  • Bauru, Arealva, and Avai, Brazil, ban electric prods, flank straps, and spurs.
  • Santo André, São Caetano, Franca, and Diadema in São Paulo, Brazil, prohibit rodeos.
  • The Netherlands has banned the USA rodeo.

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