Cindy Schonholtz holds a position called "Animal Welfare Coordinator" with the PRCA. We aren’t aware of any animal welfare work by Ms. Schonholtz, but she does spend a good deal of time attacking animal protectors and trying to cover for rodeo animal abuse.

Ms. Schonholtz is also the Vice President of the NAIA. Amazingly, the NAIA supports the killing of horses for food “when [the horse] no longer meet the owner's needs”.

In an interview with Las Vegas television station Channel 8 during the PRCA’s 1997 National Finals Rodeo, Ms. Schonholtz stated:

“Without our animals we would not have the sport of rodeo, and the people involved in rodeo do care about their animals. We have over sixty rules and regulations, and they are enforced.”

We have repeatedly asked the PRCA, and Cindy Schonholtz specifically, for the PRCA records for animals injured and killed, as well as for records of humane violators at PRCA rodeos. Our requests were at first denied, and are now simply ignored. Other rodeo associations also keep such information shrouded in secrecy.

SHARK has been given no proof that any member of the PRCA, or any other rodeo association, has ever been disciplined for animal cruelty. There is no question, however, that rodeo animals have been injured and even killed, and that people in the PRCA and other rodeo organizations have tried to cover up the injuries and deaths when they can get away with it, even to the point of masquerading other animals in their place.

Real sports associations are not only willing, but insistent on making such information available to the public. For that matter, a real "Animal Welfare Coordinator" wouldn't be afraid to debate the issue of animal welfare. But the PRCA "Animal Welfare Coordinator Cindy Schonholtz is very, very afraid of debating those who can speak to rodeo animal abuse!

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