SHARK's investigative footage from the 2008 Cheyenne Frontier Days

2008 saw the complete ban of the electrical prod in the chutes. No more would horses be shocked to make them perform. However this infamous rodeo was exposed once again brutalizing and maiming animals in the Steer Busting, Calf Roping, and Wild Horse Race. Watch some of our videotape from 2008 below.


Calf Roping Injuries and Abuse


Steer Busting Brutality: Once again, steers were brutalized, and possibly killed at the 2008 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.


Contestant Throws Mud in Face of Tormented Bucking Horse: A rodeo contestant falls off a bucking horse, so he throws a fist full of mud right in the horse's face.


Bulls that don't want to "perform" are Abused: Rodeo people say they don't abuse their animals. Our videos show the lie.


Steer Wrestler Repeatedly Hits Horse: An incompetent rodeo contestant repeatedly hits his horse.

More Videos

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