From the front lines: Investigators report on the 2007 CFD Rodeo

All photos and video on this page are from the 2007 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Wyoming.

Despite public outrage in 2005 and 2006 at the abusive practices of the CFD Rodeo and violations of humane rules, the cruelty continued in 2007. On the first day alone, SHARK investigators videotaped four calves who were so brutally abused that their broken bodies had to be sledded out of the rodeo arena. Some other calves were treated in the arena to revive them after their horrendous abuse.

Beside the calves, other animals were also dragged out of the arena. Numerous other animals were injured, but were able to walk themselves out of the arena. The ultimate demise of these animals has not been revealed by rodeo officials.

On the investigators' third day, which was steer busting- the most deadly event in rodeo- there were more injuries. Then the skies opened up, and the rains turned the rodeo arena into a mud mess that ranged from a swamp to a running river, causing even more issues for the animals.

As the rodeo continued, so did the injuries, including more hurt calves and horses, along with some injured and dying steers.

Later in the week, as one injured calf was being dragged out, rodeo announcer Justin McKee proudly and falsely claimed that this was the first time the injury sled had to be used. We couldn't believe the blatant lie. It's just one more example of the Rodeo Mafia's utter disregard for the truth.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo was its continuing tradition of shocking horses as a way to make them appear wild. The rodeo has been exposed for that very thing for the past two years! We frankly did not think they would be so stupid as to do it again, but we were wrong. Fortunately, SHARK's cameras were waiting for them, and our documentation has left these animal abusers no where to hide.

In the duration of the rodeo, over a dozen animals were injured and/or killed and dozens of horses were shocked. Most incredibly, the "winner" of the Saddlebronc ("bucking horse") event knowingly rode a horse that was shocked, demonstrating just how worthless and vile a rodeo "championship" truly is.

See SHARK's investigative footage from the 2007 Cheyenne Frontier Days!

This infamous rodeo has been exposed once again brutalizing and maiming animals, illegally shocking horses, and lying to the public.


Must See to Believe: Helpless steers dragged to near-drowning by scared, out-of-control horses become a joke for Cheyenne Rodeo announcers who make wisecracks, while the crowds delights in the animals' misery. Announcer Justin McKee even applauds a judge for being "a little lenient" when it comes to so-called rodeo humane rules.


Cheyenne's Hypocrisy: The Wild Horse Race and Steer Busting: The infamous Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, in Cheyenne, Wyoming includes a cruel and dangerous event called the "Wild Horse Race." These horses aren't wild, they're terrorized. How can such abuse be allowed in the United States of America. How can corporate sponsors such as Coca-Cola, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and Dodge sponsor such abuse?


Animal Injuries at CFD Exposed: If the injury rate of animals at rodeos were as low as rodeo people claim, SHARK wouldn't be able to document the large number of injured animals that we do. This video exposes the truth about animal injuries and deaths at rodeos, particularly the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. 

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Horses Illegally Shocked: See some of the horses shocked at the Cheyenne Rodeo, and watch the rodeo judges ignore everything that is going on. The corruption of the Rodeo Mafia is as clear as it can be in this video.

2007 Saddlebronc "Champion" Wins on Shocked Horse: Even the horse ridden by the "winner" of the Cheyenne Rodeo's saddle bronc competition was shocked, showing just how little it takes to be a "champion" in the world of rodeo.

Rodeo-lovers claim respect for the "animal athletes" they abuse. Yeah, right. Rodeo "humane rules" are once again exposed as a complete fraud, as rodeo contestant Vin Fisher brutally kicks a steer in the ribs for not staying down. Not only is Fisher not penalized, but the crowd thinks it is terribly funny. That speaks volumes about both the Rodeo Mafia and its supporters.

Rank Killers or Gentle Giants?: SHARK investigators at the Cheyenne Rodeo utterly destroy the myth of the rank, mean, killer rodeo bulls. Watch as these big babies show that with caring people they are as tame as a feline family member.


This calf had his back broken in a roping event, and had to be sledded out.

By 2007 the CFD Rodeo became so fearful of SHARK's camera's replaying the truth about the rodeo's injuries and deaths, that they began erecting walls around the sled that pulls out injured victims, such as the calf above. This is a ridiculous new tactic from the ever-secretive rodeo industry.

Here the man in purple prepares to painfully shock a horse into bucking.
Stock contractors were caught shocking horses and bulls at the 2005, 2006, and 2007 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, against the rodeo's supposed "humane rules." No disciplinary action was taken in 2005. In 2006 stock contractor Harry Vold was fined a paltry $250 when the shocking was exposed by the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. But despite public outrage, Harry Vold was invited back to the 2007 CFD, and the CFD Rodeo received the PRCA's "Rodeo of the Year" award in 2005 and 2006. Cruelty and corruption pay in the rodeo industry.

This is one of many dying victims that had to be sledded out, while 'trick riders' attempt to distract the crowd. 

After building a shield from the cameras, this calf was dragged out to meet certain death. These cowboy cowards would be hilarious if not for the sad reality of the abuse

Terrorized horses often buck so violently that they fall down. 

As is obvious from this photo and others, rodeo judges are aware of the shocking but do nothing to stop it. 

So-called "family entertainment": A confused, terrified horse crashes into a gate at the 2007 CFD.

This horse's torment was sponsored by Coke and Dodge, both pictured here. Do something about subsidized abuse at CorporateThugs.com

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