"Remote-controlled drones, night-vision goggles, motorized boats and "hi-pods" that hoist a camera to the treetops for a better view? [SHARK Investigator Stuart] Chaifetz  has used all of those and more in his role as an animal-cruelty investigator for Showing Animals Respect & Kindness (SHARK)."
"People need proof," said Steve Hindi, founder and president of the Illinois-based SHARK. "The people that are at the Cowtown Rodeo aren't particularly interested to know the event they paid money for and took time to go see is cruel. They either would deny it, or they don't want to know. But with video, everybody gets to look at it and decide for themselves."
"That's why SHARK's use of drones and other gadgets that allow them to spy from afar is "brilliant," Del Gandio said.[Jason Del Gandio,a Temple University communications professor and social-activism expert]

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