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Riverdale, CA – The Riverdale Rodeo is under fire from animal protection group SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) for its “Barnyard Scramble” event. The event is where a large group of children chase animals including chickens, goats, pigs and rabbits for a competition. In a SHARK investigation at the May 5, 2013 rodeo, the terrified animals can be seen being dropped, kicked, held by their wings and roughly handled. The event can easily result in many serious injuries to the animals.

SHARK is demanding local officials ban the “Barnyard Scramble” and is calling on the local Animal Control to investigate the rodeo for animal abuses. SHARK president Steve Hindi stated, “It is shocking that children are being taught to abuse and dominate animals in this way. The animals are clearly mistreated.” Throughout the video animals are shown being thrown to the ground, baby ducks being picked up by their delicate wings, chickens being kicked and goats and pigs being roughly handled. The animals run terrified around the ring trying to escape their ordeal. Any animals the children catch they keep dooming them to an unknown fate.

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