Animal rights group, rodeo officials argue over number of injured animals

By Becky Orr
Wyoming Tribune Eagle
July 25, 2013

CHEYENNE -- The leader of an animal rights group says Cheyenne Frontier Days is one of the cruelest rodeos in the world.

But CFD leaders say they take special care to make the event as safe as possible for both human and animal athletes.

Members of the group called Showing Animals Respect and Kindness have filmed several CFD rodeos this year. SHARK posted videos online that it says shows animal abuse at CFD. It also sent out releases to news outlets about animal injuries and fatalities.

CFD officials disagree with the group’s numbers and about what caused some of the injuries.

Dan Cheney, CFD’s chief executive officer, said he’s offended by some of SHARK’s comments about CFD. Every year, CFD releases the number of animal injuries that occurred during the rodeo. The release comes at the end of CFD.

This year, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle asked for a midweek tally of injuries, as well as the end-of-event report. On Wednesday, Bob Budd, chairman of the animal welfare committee, and Cheney refused to provide a midweek tally.

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