July 2, 2008
Greeley Tribune

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett said he had no idea at the Greeley Stampede included a rodeo and would not have agreed to play it if he did.

"I have a huge problem with animal cruelty at rodeos, and Greeley is a huge rodeo, which means an enormous amount of animal abuse," Rockett said in a statement sent out by the organization SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness.

However, Rockett said in a phone interview Wednesday that he planned to play the concert and that his personal feelings would not affect his performance.

"When I get on that stage I'm in," he said, "and either I'm in all the way or I stay home."

Rockett did want SHARK to have the opportunity to hand out information about rodeos, and Steve Hindi, the president of the organization, said he would come out Saturday and possibly as soon as Friday to hand out flyers.

Hindi said he didn't plan to cause a commotion, just raise awareness about the abuse many animals potentially face at rodeos.

"You don't win anyone over to your side by being a jerk," Hindi said.

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