Excerpted from the Chicago Tribune

A ruling in McHenry County Court will keep a well-known animal rights activist behind bars for at least 90 days.

On Friday (Nov. 15th) Judge James Franz refused to grant Steve Hindi the release on bond that had been requested by his attorney. In addition, the judge refused to grant a stay in an indirect criminal contempt of court charge that he was facing.

Hindi is accused of violating a temporary restraining order that prohibited him and other activists from interfering with hunting at the Woodstock Hunt Club.


The hunt club has claimed $411,000 in damages in a lawsuit against the Chicago Animal Rights Coalition and its president, Hindi. The hunt club says it had to refund fees to hunters when the activists allegedly disrupted the hunt with an ultra-light plane, sirens and bullhorns. Their actions are alleged to have scared away geese during three protests that were held earlier in the year.

At a hearing held during the first week of November, defense attorney Louis Bruno argued that Judge Franz did not allow for the presentation of mitigating evidence.

Bruno explained to the judge that Hindi was not intentionally violating the restraining order, in fact, Hindi thought that he was in compliance even though he returned to the property to carry out other activities.

Matthew Litvak, attorney for the Woodstock Hunt Club, noted that Hindi had been arrested three times in the past for protesting the activities of the club. Litvak said of Hindi; "He has no respect for the law whatsoever."

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