SHARK Shuts Down Final Day of the Broxton Bridge Pigeon Shoot!

The four-day pigeon slaughter at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in South Carolina is over, but SHARK's presence will not soon be forgotten.

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Pigeon shooters, as we have seen time and time again, are cowardly and reprehensible. They know that too which is why they have gone to extremes to stop us from exposing them and their horrid acts. Throughout the four days in South Carolina, we saw this in action; shooters hiding their license plates and furious that we were there.

What happened Sunday, however, was beyond belief; as soon as we began to prepare to launch our Angel remote controlled aircraft, the pigeon shooters ran away. And we mean that literally. They got into their cars and left Broxton Bridge rather than be caught on video! 

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Broxton Bridge Media Coverage

The lowly pigeon shooters at Broxton Bridge may have thought the best way to keep their activities hidden from the public was to shoot down SHARK's aerial vehicle, but their strategy completely backfired. Not only did the story get statewide and national attention, the media coverage went international. Exposing these cowards to the world. You can read just some of the stories by clicking here.

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Pigeon Shooting Liar

Pigeon Shooting Liar From PA (click the oaf to enlarge)

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. A pigeon shooting oaf tells police that he was "jacked around" on the highway after a SHARK vehicle "darted out in front" of him.

Too bad the video shows something very different. This display by the clown fron Pennsylvania demonstrates very nicely the character, or lack thereof, of the type of people who enjoy killing things for fun and then just throwing away their victims. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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Field and Stream Advocates Shooting Down SHARK's Aircraft

In a blog posting on their website, Field and Stream, on February 8, 2012, Chad Love advocated for the illegal shooting down of SHARK's aircraft. You can see the entire post here.

 After quoting a news article about SHARK's efforts, Field and Stream went on to write:

"Hmmm, animal-rights activists, a remote-controlled helicopter, and a bunch of guys with shotguns. Now that's a combination with some definite potential for the creation of a brand-new shooting sport. Anyone taking bets on how many loads of 7 1/2s it'll take to send "Angel" crashing to earth?"

 Field and Stream advocating the shooting down of a remote controlled aircraft is both irresponsible and potentially dangerous, not to mention a completely illegal act. 

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Broxton Bridge's Shameful History

The Dark Legacy of the Broxton Bridge Plantation 

Created more than 200 years ago, and always owned by the Varn family, the very foundation of Broxton Bridge was built with blood and cruelty; it was a slave plantation. 

While one might have thought, or hoped, that the long dark history of racism and prejudice would have faded, the plantation's recent owner, Gerry Varn, had no problem publicly expressing outrageous and condemnable statements.

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