Protest Held Outside Ald. Cappelman’s Office

March 6, 2013
Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — First it was pigeons and then, the homeless. Hundreds of protestors in uptown are angry at the alderman there over what they say are decisions that don’t respect his constituents, reports CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov.

The uproar in uptown started over a salvation army food truck. It culminated today in a protest, over what some call a misunderstanding and others call being misguided.

A pigeon clad human. People, dressed like condiments. A snack cart.

And all part of the protest outside 46th ward Alderman James Cappelman’s Uptown office, because protestors believe Cappelman told the Salvation Army – don’t feed the humans.

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It Is Illegal To Kidnap Pigeons And Take Them To Indiana

January 24, 2013
Chris Wilson

A man was recently spotted trapping pigeons in Uptown and putting them in a white pick-up truck, and residents familiar with Ald. James Cappleman's (46th) hatred of the birds immediately pointed to him as the bird thief.

It seemed like a strange, paranoid reaction at first, with people thinking Cappleman had the birds "disappeared" in some Jason Bourne-esque conspiracy. But the alderman has since admitted that, yes, he invited Indiana farmer Herbert Govert to come take a few of the birds out of the neighborhood.

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Pigeon-Napper Identified, But Won’t Face Criminal Charges

January 22, 2013
Chicago (CBS)
Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) – Mystery solved. We now know who hauled off dozens of pigeons from the Uptown neighborhood to northwestern Indiana, and why he did it.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports a farmer from Lake County has been found in violation of Indiana state regulations.

Herb Govert owns the white pickup truck that was seen in the 4700 block of North Broadway earlier this month, when two men captured dozens of pigeons in a net, after spreading some kind of food on the ground, then hauled them away.

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Indiana Farmer Wanted Chicago Pigeons So He Could Kill Them For Fun

Teddy Hilton

Sad…really messed up and sad….

As reported last week, Chicago alderman James Cappleman hired an Indiana farmer to round up the pigeons on the skies streets of the Windy City.

Turns out that this farmer actually wanted the pigeons for live pigeon shoots!!!!

Live pigeon shoots are cruel "sporting" events where pigeons are starved to near death before being shot into the air and shot with buckshot.

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Alderman Flies The Coop When Pressed About Pigeon Deportations (Video)

January 17, 2013
Brad Edwards

Ald. James Cappleman cut short an interview with CBS 2 when asked about pigeon-nappings in his ward. (CBS) 

(CBS) — It’s become Pigeon Gate: the potentially illegal trapping and exporting of Chicago pigeons to Indiana.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards exposed the practice in a report earlier this week.

On Thursday, 46th Ward Ald. James Cappleman was asked to explain. His office earlier this week confirmed it had allowed a farmer from Indiana to trap pigeons and take them across state lines –- for what, it was never explained.

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