August 18, 2020


SHARK’s campaign against cockfighting, with help from our friends at The Humane Farming Association, has shaken cockfighters to their core. As an example, we discovered that there is going to be a major pro-cockfighting meeting this Friday and Saturday in Alabama at the L&L Game Farm, which is owned by a known cockfighter named Brent Easterling. The cockfighters are freaking out that we both know about the meeting and are exposing their criminal histories.

Watch the video HERE.

Cockfighter Brent Easterling's mugshot and information from his criminal records
When cockfighters saw our video exposing this meeting, along with Mr. Easterling’s criminal past which includes racketeering related to illegal drugs, they began to panic. We’ve even heard that some are now afraid to attend the meeting because they fear SHARK’s cameras might capture their faces. 

Our video also includes horrifying video of cockfighters training roosters to fight by kicking them and hitting them in the face. We found those videos on the Facebook page of a cockfighter who is prominent in the pro-cockfighting movement in Puerto Rico. These videos prove how brutal cockfighters are and destroys the myth that cockfighting is “natural."

An example of a cockfighter training a rooster to fight by abusing him

We’ve been listening to cockfighters talk about how they want to overturn anti-cockfighting laws and that this meeting was to discuss that strategy. From what we understand, they are looking for an outside party, like a lobbyist, to work on their behalf. As we say in our video, anyone who takes that job on will be stained by the blood and cruelty that is cockfighting. That’s why we will continue to expose the dark criminal history of leaders in the cockfighting movement, so the public will know what they’ve done and why cockfighting must never be made legal again.

According to statements made by organizers of the meeting, they are expecting hundreds of people from all over the country. That means this is a highly likely super-spreader event and, therefore, we believe that the meeting is going to violate state COVID-19 restrictions. Unfortunately, it looks like the local Sheriff is working with the cockfighters in order to let the event occur. 

Please contact Alabama Governor Kay Ivey and let her know that this meeting, where hundreds of people are coming in from many different states, is a likely super-spreader event and risks the health and safety of her citizens. 


Governor Ivey’s staff:
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SHARK has received a lot of threats over the years. We’ve always looked at that as proving we are doing the right thing, for if our enemy wasn’t being negatively effected by our actions, they wouldn’t be so angry.

This is how we know we are hurting the cockfighting movement; we have received  a number of serous death threats from them. We take these seriously and have contacted the authorities, and we are also releasing this threats so the public can see just how vile these people are. 
Watch our video on the death threats HERE.

SHARK will never give in to threats and we will never back down. That’s what makes us so different than everyone else.  It’s also why we need your financial support. We are willing to put our lives on the line to save animals, but we cannot be on the frontlines without resources. Please send what you can to help us help animals.
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