March 17, 2020


SHARK is very pleased to announce that our campaign exposing Kirsten Vold, who we filmed stabbing horses at the 2020 National Western Rodeo, has been a success! Ms. Vold has been banned from that rodeo for two years for her abuse of horses.

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A few weeks ago, we reached out to Leon Vick, Vice President of Rodeo, Horse and Livestock Operations at the National Western Rodeo. We shared our video evidence with him and he promised to look into it. True to his word, Mr. Vick called back within a few days, and told us a decision was made to ban Vold Rodeo for two years.

Considering that nearly every rodeo we’ve dealt with chooses to ignore or cover up animal abuse, this was good news indeed. And while SHARK and the National Western obviously have major disagreements about rodeo generally, it is important to have a major rodeo acknowledge that abuse is abuse, no matter where it happens. We therefore thank Mr. Vick for taking quick action and banning Vold.

Kirsten Vold stabbing a horse in the face
Back in 2008, we exposed electro-shocking at this same rodeo and got that knocked out, which is why Vold was stabbing horses instead. And last year our video of electro-shocking at a California rodeo resulted in a fine against notorious stock contractor Cotton Rosser. These are hard-fought victories, because rodeos are so corrupt, and we are the only group in the US that is achieving those victories.

This shows how important it is to have SHARK's investigators on the ground and documenting animal cruelty. SHARK isn the ONLY organization that fights rodeos from one end of our country to the other. If you care about horses and other animals who are abused in rodeos, then please support our work.

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