March 9, 2020


SHARK is excited to announce that a strong new alliance has been created to fight rodeo abuse. Joining SHARK in this important mission are Last Chance for Animals, the Humane Farming Association, and the Animal Protection and Rescue League.
Watch the video of this announcement HERE


In 1999 the Makah tribe of Washington State last legally killed a whale and now they have petitioned the Federal Government to start killing whales again as early as this spring. Graphic video of 1999 killing can be seen HERE.

From the news story. The baby whale killed was named "Yabis,"  the Makah word for Beloved, by a tribal elder who opposed the slaughter

The National Maritime Fisheries Service has proposed a waiver of the Marine Mammal Protection Act’s moratorium on the killing of marine mammals to allow the Makah Tribe to kill Eastern North Pacific gray whales again.

The federal government is asking for the public's input. Please speak up! You can read more HEREClick HERE to make your voice heard and leave a comment 

Illinois House Bill 4123 is a terrible piece of legislation that would protect those who abuse animals by outlawing any type of ban on animals used for entertainment, hunting or agriculture.

If you live in Illinois, please immediately contact the members of the "Cities & Villages Committee," where the bill currently is. You can get contact info for the committee HERE

Corrupt South Carolina Sheriff Indicted

Perverts Forcibly Milk Terrorized Cows

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