February 12, 2020


SHARK has released a new video exposing stock contractor Kirsten Vold for stabbing horses at the National Western Stock Show, which was held in January in Denver, CO. 
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*This video is going viral, gathering over 16,000 views within 24 hours!

Kirsten Vold stabbing a horse
Once again, SHARK proves how cruel rodeo is, and that they use physical abuse to force animals to perform. Please politely contact Vold and the Denver Rodeos and the sponsors of the National Western Stock Show.
There are lots of organizations that claim to help farm animals. Perhaps these groups have failed to notice that all the animals in rodeos are farm animals, because except for the Humane Farming Association (HFA), none of them are working on behalf of rodeo victims, even though rodeos are ongoing all across the country. Farm organizations bring in a lot of money - millions of dollars annually. SHARK brings in only a tiny fraction of that amount, and we work on many other issues.

If you donate to a farm organization and they don't work on rodeos, please insist that they start. Rodeo victims are literally dying to entertain the drunks in the stands.
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