February 6, 2020


Last summer, SHARK released dramatic drone video of beagles imprisoned at the notorious Envigo (formerly Covance) breeding facility in Cumberland, VA.

Our video allowed the public to see up close the horrid conditions these dogs are forced to suffer, such as overcrowding, fighting, repetitive behaviors and sitting in their own filth. We were even able to record audio of the constant and seemingly endless wailing the dogs made as they waited to be sold for experimentation, a fate worse than death.

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One of the innocent victims of Envigo. Our drone was able to capture unprecedented video of these suffering animals
The video went viral, has been watched more than 100,000 times, and was covered on the news inside VA. All of that had a massive impact; legislation has been introduced to ban the breeding of cats and dogs for the purpose of experiments!

ABC 8 in VA ran the following story last night on this issue:

"Over the summer, 8News first shared drone video captured by the animal rights group SHARK showing beagles packed into outdoor cages barking, yelping, and fighting. More than 2,000 puppies and adult dogs are warehoused at the Cumberland facility owned by Envigo. All of he canines are to be used in research projects.

"State lawmakers are trying to put a stop to the breeding dogs and cats in Virginia for the sole purpose of research experiments. The measure comes after several 8News investigations exposed a facility in Cumberland with thousands of beagles crammed into cages, sometimes sitting in their own filth

"Democratic Senator Jennifer Boysko of Fairfax and Republican Senator Bill Stanley of Moneta introduced legislation in Virginia that would prohibit the raising and breeding of dogs or cats for use in labs doing research experiments or testing."

• If you live in Virginia, please contact your Governor and State Legislators and ask them to support this important legislation


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