February 5, 2020


In November 2019, the CBS show 60 Minutes did a shameful story promoting rodeos. To answer this, SHARK has released a video rebutting the fluff piece and telling the true story of what rodeos are really like.

Please watch our video and then contact CBS and politely ask that they give equal time on this issue. Tell them the truth is supposed to matter, and that they are not supposed to be a PR firm for cruel rodeos.

This horse was electro-shocked to force him to perform at the National Finals Rodeo 

On January 23, SHARK received an email from a cockfighting supporter that said SHARK was now part of a civil rights lawsuit being filed in defense of cockfighting. And yes, it really was a dumb as that sounds.

We decided to have some fun with this guy, who we dubbed "Johnny Cockfighting," in a video challenging him to let us film a cockfight that he knows about. Unsurprisingly, he hasn't taken us up on that challenge.

Watch the video HERE


Angry Pigeon Shoot Lawyer Harasses Drone Pilot

Watch as pigeon shoot lawyer Paul Perlstein harassed a SHARK investigator as he is filming a live pigeon shoot

IL Dept. of Agriculture Claims No Drones for Humane Investigators

The counsel for the Illinois Department of Agriculture is telling Approved Humane Investigators that they cannot use drones in their investigations. This is false. There is no law prohibiting drones for that purpose.

American Veterinary Medical Association Won't Call Out Cruelty 

Why Los Angeles Should Ban Rodeos

This video was submitted to the Los Angeles City Council, which is considering whether rodeos should be banned.

Update on Efforts Against Pennsylvania's Live Pigeon Shoots

SHARK President Steve Hindi discusses Pennsylvania's live pigeon shoot issue, and the inaction of Federated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania (FHSP), and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

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