August 6, 2019


SHARK and the Animal Protection and Rescue League are announcing that we have filed a lawsuit against the Poway Rodeo, to stop them from electro-shocking horses, which is illegal under California law.
A horse being shocked at the Poway Rodeo

From the complaint:

Defendants are in the business of operating the annual Poway Rodeo in Poway, California (the “RODEO.”) In doing so, Defendants have been illegally shocking tame horses while they are in the chutes just prior to releasing them into the rodeo arena with a rider on top, in order to cause the horses to buck wildly, giving these tame, domesticated horses the appearance of being wild, “bucking broncos.”

The Poway Rodeo is scheduled to take place again September 27 and 28, 2019. Plaintiffs seek a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, and permanent injunction to enjoin Defendants and their agents from illegally shocking horses in violation of Penal Code § 596.7(e), which requires a rodeo to “ensure that no electric prod or similar device is used on any animal once the animals is in the holding chute ….”

Electro-shocking horses to force them to perform is absolutely cruel. It’s also illegal under CA law, yet this barbaric practice goes on with no one doing anything about it. It’s long past time someone stands up for these horses and the law and that’s exactly what we are doing with this complaint.

• This story has received major news coverage:
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Last night, KION ran a news story on our video exposing illegal dog/bull fighting at the California Rodeo Salinas:

"The California Rodeo Salinas is being accused of animal abuse in disturbing video appearing to show dogs taking quick bites at bulls in the middle of the arena. Animal activist group, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, or SHARK, released the video this month filmed on July 19 following a bullfighting event on the last day of the rodeo.

“Repeatedly you see the dogs going for the bulls face, in some cases the bulls legs, and in one case, you see a bull with a bloody tongue," SHARK's President and Founder Steve Hindi told KION.

Watch our video of the illegal fighting HERE
SHARK has launched a campaign to ask Governor Newsom and Attorney General Becerra to intervene, and appoint outside law enforcement to investigate and charge everyone who allowed this outrageous abuse to happen.
Please politely contact Governor Newsom and Attorney General Becerra, send them our video and ask them to take action:
CA Governor Gavin Newsom:
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CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra
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Please also contact sponsors Exxon and Best Buy and ask that they never sponsor the California Rodeo Salinas again:

Best Buy Corporate Headquarters
612-231-5146 (Media Relations)
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Exxon Headquarters
800-243-9966 (Call during business hours)
972-940-6007 (Media Relations)

*For more information about the history of bull-baiting at Salinas, read the Animals24/7 story HERE

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