October 24, 2018


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After two graphic SHARK exposés of Pennsylvania pigeon shoots in late 2017, the pigeon shooters went into hiding. We found them anyway. Angry and frustrated that our drone caught them again, one of the killers violated federal law, shooting our drone, destroying a $15,000 aircraft
SHARK investigators spent a few days in North Carolina in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Roadside billboards encouraged people to respect North Carolina farmers - especially hog and other flesh farmers. The question is - do those hog farmers deserve respect?

The Denver Post Embarrasses Itself - Again
Once again, the Denver Post has shown its bias in regards to promoting the cruel Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Does this newspaper possess even a shred of journalistic integrity?
The Salinas Police are on the job when it comes to keeping people from documenting and exposing rodeo cruelty, but they don't seem to be anywhere in sight when it comes to actually stopping crime
SHARK is challenging pigeon shooters to replace pigeons with our drones

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