September 28, 2018


SHARK is right now in North Carolina seeking to help victims of Hurricane Florence. Working once again with Brother Wolf and the Humane Farming Association (see this video for our past work with them exposing an egg farm), we’ve networked with other activists on the ground to save stranded animals and any people we may find.

A small dog who was rescued by a humane officer

SHARK is well positioned to help rescue animals with our new hovercraft, which can easily navigate the flooded towns and roadways. We also have our small inflatable boat so we can double our efforts on the water. This is SHARK’s first foray into disaster work and rescue, and the lessons we are learning in North Carolina will enable us to do even more the next time disaster strikes.

SHARK'S hovercraft and small boat in action

The long trip from Illinois to North Carolina this week gave me time to think about the animal rights movement and how large groups will spend a great deal of time and money putting on galas and conferences, when that time could be so much better spent doing actual work at disasters such as Hurricane Florence. In a real sense, this is SHARK’s version of a conference, where activists get together - not to party and socialize - but to actually save lives.

A casket we saw floating in the water 

SHARK has invested a lot of resources in technology and equipment, such as our hovercraft, so that we will be prepared for any number of unexpected instances where animals need help.  That forethought has enabled us to take on many campaigns and now we’ve added to our already overflowing portfolio by being able to get to hard-hit areas and do rescue work.

If you like and want to support our rescue efforts, please consider sending a donation to help defray the costs of this campaign.

A commentary in the VT Digger by renowned veterinarian Peggy Larson:

"Rodeo is not entertainment. It is animal cruelty. Think of the uproar that would ensue if a dog was roped, knocked down and dragged across an arena. Instead, the victim is a calf. Both feel the stress, fear and pain, yet only the dog is protected from this abuse."

Report Cockfighting!

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