April 16, 2018


This past summer, SHARK traveled to Canada to film 20 rodeo events in Montreal and St-Tite. The evidence collected proved the basis for a major report written by Law Professor Alain Roy of the Université de Montréal that concluded rodeos are illegal in Québec under the new Animal Welfare and Safety Act. The report has been submitted to the Rodeo Advisory Committee created in August 2017 by the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
Watch the video HERE
A calf being brutalized at one of the Canadian rodeos

You can read Professor Roy’s full press release HERE.  In his report, Professor Roy thanks SHARK for our work:

"I also express my deep appreciation to Mr. Steve Hindi and Mr. Michael Kobliska of Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), who volunteered to come from Chicago to observe and film all the rodeo trials in the Montréal and St-Tite...Their expertise allowed us to collect extremely detailed data of undeniable quality.”

We at SHARK believe it is important to use our expertise with filming and technology to help others in the struggle to save animals lives. We are glad to be a part of the effort showing that rodeos are illegal in Québec under the new Animal Welfare and Safety Act.
An injured horse that SHARK filmed

SHARK is the pre-eminent animal protection organization fighting against rodeos in the world. We document dozens of rodeos every year and have collected almost three decades of shocking video proving that animals are routinely injured and killed in rodeos nationwide. Our rodeo videos have received tens of millions of views on our YouTube channel.
You can learn more about SHARK’s rodeo work on www.RodeoCruelty.com

The Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club (MHHC) is a horrendous venue where Ducks Unlimited holds annual pigeon shoot fundraisers. You can watch the video of one of their supporters driving his vehicle right at our people HERE.
A Ducks Unlimited supporter drove his car right at SHARK investigators, nearly hitting them

We looked at sponsors associated with MHHC and reached out to a local BMW dealership. This is the response we received:

Good morning Steve,

 Thank you for bring this event to our attention. BMW of Minnetonka has been under new management since January of 2017. At no time have we knowingly been sponsors of the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club. We are already in the process of having our name removed from their website. Any association the store may have had with this club in past years will be terminated immediately. Since this administration knew nothing of the Club ties they may have been severed in the past and the Club failed to remove our logo.

 Again thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will continue to reach out to sponsors and ask why they'd want to have their name stained with the cruelty and violent behavior committed at the MHHC.  You can watch the video of MHHC owner Bill Urseth assault a female SHARK investigator HERE.

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