September 10, 2016



We are pleased to report that SHARK has shut down the live pigeon shoot fundraiser held Friday afternoon by US Senator Jim Inhofe!

The story begins at the Quartz Mountain Lodge in Lone Wolf, OK, which was the sign-in location for Senator Inhofe’s pigeon shoot.  Activists followed the procession of vehicles when they left the lodge to go to the shooting area. The Inhofe party went through extreme measures to lose us, including driving the rear cars at extremely slow speeds on the highway to block us.

Inhofe’s team successfully lost the activists - except for one car, which eventually led the rest of us to the shoot, which was located down 10 miles of washboard dirt roads. 

Once we launched our Angel drone, the shooting of birds stopped. Almost immediately vehicles started leaving. A trickle quickly became a flood, as was video documented. This included the person who supplied the pigeons. He left with many still living birds in his vehicle. The entire pigeon shoot was over.

This a major victory. In 2014, when our investigator was at the event undercover, the shoot lasted more than an hour and forty-five minutes and there were ten shooting stations. This year there were only six shooting stations and the shoot was only about forty-five minutes long. All of this represents a dramatic reduction in shooters and time spent killing since SHARK first exposed Inhofe’s cruel fundraiser. Clearly the pressure is on Inhofe and we will not be letting up!


The following are the number of shooting stations at Senator Inhofe's pigeon shoot since we became involved.


2014: 10 shooting stations (undercover video)

2015: 8 shooting stations (drone video)



2016: 6 shooting stations (drone video)








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