September 5, 2016


SHARK is in Oklahoma to protest and document US Senator Jim Inhofe's cruel live pigeon shoot fundraiser. 

In the lead up to the shoot on Friday, we held one press conference in Tulsa, OK, yesterday and today we are in Oklahoma City for the second.

The Tulsa World and Channel 6 covered the press conference. You can watch and read the coverage on the following links. Please comment on the stories and share them:

"An animal protection advocate who has zeroed in on U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe’s annual southwestern Oklahoma pigeon shoot this weekend said Wednesday that Inhofe should be in “a small federal prison cell” and called a Tulsa City Council candidate a “gun-toting thug.”

“I want this to stop,” Steve Hindi said of the pigeon shoot. “It’s illegal. It’s unconscionable.”

Animal Protection Group Prepared To Protest OK Senator’s Pigeon Shoot
"It's a slaughter,” he said. “Birds hand-tossed in front of you, that's worse than shooting fish in a barrel. There's no sportsmanship.”





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