Cruel Reno Rodeo Begins Again


When faced with having their cruely exposed to the world, rodeos will react by simply banning cameras.  

That’s what the Reno Rodeo did in 2013 after SHARK released a number of videos showing animal cruelty committed at the Reno Rodeo.

In 2011, we released THIS video of a horse with a bloody mouth who was forced to buck. This cruelty was seen more than half a million times on YouTube.

A horse with a bloodied mouth being forced to buck at the 2011 Reno Rodeo

That wasn’t the only abuse SHARK exposed in 2011; in THIS video you can how horses were shocked at the rodeo.

In 2012 we caught the stock contractor for the Reno Rodeo, Cotton Rosser, employing a rodeo clown who had a hidden electro-shocking device in his glove.  Watch that video HERE.  

The electro-shocking device was hidden in the yellow glove. Look at how the horse writhed in pain after being shocked.

We also documented the death of a calf, which you can see HERE

A rodeo thug presses down on the broken neck of a severely injured calf at the 2012 Reno Rodeo. The calf's leg was also broken. You can see the white bone protruding from the leg.

After having all their abuse made public, the Reno Rodeo had enough and banned cameras for the 2013 rodeo.  Even with that ban, dramatic footage of a horse being shocked in his anus was given to SHARK and we released it in THIS video.  So much for their ban! 

You can see the rodeo thug stick a metal wire into the horse's anus. The horse was also electro-shocked.

The Reno Rodeo will never know when we will be there or when they are being filmed. They’ll find out when they see the horrors they commit exposed once again for the world to see.

D-Day Pigeons Remembered 

In THIS article from The Scotsman, the tale of brave pigeons who were given medals for relaying news of the D-Day landings was told.

In this picture from the news article, Gustav (the pigeon) was given a medal for his work on D-Day.

“After Gustav travelled 150 miles across the Channel in five hours and 16 minutes to his pigeon loft at RAF Thorney Island in Hampshire with the message, and his handler, Sgt Harry Halsey, passed it to headquarters.

Gustav’s efforts earned him the PDSA Dickin Medal on 1 September, 1944, popularly regarded as the animal version of the Victoria Cross.

The citation read: “For delivering the first message from the Normandy Beaches from a ship off the beach-head while serving with the RAF on 6 June, 1944.”

Four pigeons, including Gustav, who delivered timely messages throughout Operation Overlord, along with one dog – an Alsatian called Brian – received the PDSA Dickin Medal for their actions on D-Day.”

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