A short while ago you received an update from SHARK asking that you help stop a cruel live pigeon shoot that was to be held on Thursday - just two days from now - as part of a fundraiser for Ducks Unlimited.

We are pleased to announce that after receiving complaints about the event, and less than one day after we released this video about the issue, Ducks Unlimited has cancelled the shoot!

Here is the email we just received from Ducks Unlimited:

Dale Hall forwarded me your email regarding the pigeon shoot and asked that I respond to you directly. Earlier today, several Ducks Unlimited members contacted headquarters staff to make us aware that one of our committees was planning to hold a pigeon shoot as part of a DU event. We have policies in place holding our staff and local volunteers to high ethical and moral standards, and do not condone wanton waste of wildlife or other animals. To avoid the potential for wanton waste, the event committee has decided to change the live pigeon event to a sporting clays shoot.



Matt Coffey
Senior Communications Specialist

This is an astounding turn of events; for 20 years Ducks Unlimited has been holding these “phigeon shoots,” where innocent pigeons have sharp pheasant tail feathers forced into their backs, and yet within one day, and working together, we all were able to stop this vicious shoot.

This is the power of your activism at work - everyone who called and spoke out helped save not only 2.000 pigeons whose horrific deaths were just two days away, but perhaps tens of thousands of pigeons in the years to come.

We also want to thank Ducks Unlimited for recognizing that this was an important issue and taking quick action to stop this atrocity from happening again.

If you’d like to thank them for stopping the pigeon shoot, please send a polite email to Dale Hall, CEO of Ducks Unlimited. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the following picture, you will see three birds that SHARK rescued at live pigeon shoots. We know, from having held these birds, and many more like them, that each of them is an individual living being who felt joy and suffering.

Thank you for helping us save 2,000 individual living beings just like these three.

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