October 24, 2013 
Third Wing Pointe Shoot Cancelled! Worker claims - “The pigeon shoots are giving up” 

Right off, I want to tell you not to get too excited. Pigeon shoots unfortunately are not over in Pennsylvania. However, after canceling its third pigeon slaughter in the past few weeks, a worker at the blood-soaked killing club known as Wing Pointe claims live pigeon shoots are over at that location.
Here is a video of a Wing Pointe worker making the statement last Sunday:
Here is what we know.
Wing Pointe had a tower shoot scheduled for last Sunday, September 20, 2013. The SHARK team was there to document and expose it, and to rescue and treat as many victims as possible. A number of activists from New Jersey and a couple fine activists from Pennsylvania were there to help.

A few hours into our wait for any activity, the Wing Pointe worker told us that there was no shoot, and that there would be no more pigeon shoots. He said the shoots are moving to a location in the northern part of the state. We’ll have more news on that very soon.



Hi-Pods that raise our cameras up to clear obstacles, and our long-range lenses were ready to expose Wing Pointe yet again, but nothing happened.
SHARK’s Hi-Pods raise video cameras over obstacles to catch animal abusers.
SHARK’s long-range camera lenses can read license plates more than a quarter-mile away.
Since 2010, SHARK cameras have exposed Wing Pointe’s killers. Pennsylvania’s media rarely reports on the shoots, and Berks County law enforcement is in the pockets of the killers, but we kept the pressure on. Our updates, our YouTube videos and our OperationBrightLight.net website shows the world these psychopaths and their horrific cruelty. 
I have on numerous occasions used an Angel - a remote controlled, camera-equipped aerial vehicle - to document not only Wing Pointe’s cruelty, but also the club’s illegal burning of pigeon bodies, tires and garbage. SHARK turned the documentation of the illegal burning over to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DEP chose to do nothing to Wing Pointe, but perhaps the agency also told Wing Pointe that it can’t continue to turn a blind eye forever.
Wing Pointe hates when I fly my drone. The killers have shot at our aircraft, damaging some and shooting one down. The killers threatened us with legal action and even tried to sic the Federal Aviation Administration on me, but everything I've done is legal, and we haven’t backed down.
Wing Pointe attendees used to number over 100, but in recent times it has fallen to about a dozen hardcores who have no reputation to lose. The good news is, a dozen sick individuals is not enough to keep pigeon shoots going forever.
Killing Pennsylvania pigeon shoots is taking far longer than it should, thanks to Pennsylvania’s overwhelming corruption, but our efforts are paying off. Slaughters in Pike Township and Strausstown are gone. Wing Pointe is teetering on the brink. The Philadelphia Gun Club’s season is about to start, and we will be there in force. Stay tuned for many more developments!


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