Twice this month of September, the Wing Pointe canned hunt club has been caught intentionally and illegally burning pigeons and garbage on its property, and as in the past, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has chosen to do absolutely nothing about it.
In 2011, SHARK exposed that the Wing Pointe canned hunt club was illegally burning waste, including tires and the bodies of pigeons (some still alive) that had been shot during live pigeon shoots held on the property.
You can watch that video HERE.

An overhead view of the fire-pit taken with the Angel remote controlled aircraft.

At that time, we called the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). A DEP inspector was sent to Wing Pointe, and he confirmed the illegal burning. Nevertheless, there was no penalty. Wing Pointe was merely warned not to burn again.
With no penalty for its misdeeds, Wing Pointe naturally continued to illegally burn, waiting for a day or two after the shoots. As time went on, Wing Pointe became more brazen, and started to again burn on the same day, when we were still around to catch them.
On Sunday, September 1, 2013, after a weekend long shoot, I flew an Angel, a camera-equipped helicopter, and caught Wing Pointe burning just a short time after the shoot had ended. In order to prove a pattern of violations, we returned this past Sunday, September 15, when another pigeon shoot was held at Wing Pointe. True to form, Wing Pointe personnel started another fire after the shoot ended.
We immediately called the DEP to report the fire, but the DEP took four days before finally bothering to send someone to inspect the burn site. Even with the delay, the DEP inspector found that Wing Pointe had been burning spent shotgun shell casings, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other objects too charred to be identified (we believe those were the bodies of the pigeons).
A barrel with spent shotgun shell casings and other garbage meant for the illegal fire.
This was the third time we proved that Wing Pointe’s pattern of illegally burning waste, including hazardous items, but all Wing Pointe received is another warning, which is absolutely outrageous!
Please contact E. Christopher Abruzzo, Acting Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, and politely ask that Wing Pointe be charged with multiple violations of PA state environmental law. If the DEP is intent on allowing Wing Pointe to get off, please ask the Mr. Abruzzo to explain why, and pass his excuse on to us.
You can email Secretary Abruzzo through his assistant.  Please ask that she forward your letter to him:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or call the DEP headquarters directly:
(717) 705-4700

Watch our new video calling out
the DEP on this issue HERE.
Again, it is very important that you let us know what the DEP has to say.


This montage of pictures was taken on September 15. You can see how far the smoke from the burning plastics and other materials travels in the first picture. Then we close in on the fire pit with the Wing Pointe grounds keeper spraying water on the outside of the pit. Finally, on our second flight with the Angel, the grounds keeper saw the aircraft. He then called someone on the phone and then ran away; he literally just left the fire burning and left the area! 


SHARK President Exposes Pennsylvania "Humane" Groups / Veterinarian Falsifies Animal Death 

SHARK has released the following new videos on YouTube:
  SHARK President Steve Hindi Attacks Pennsylvania's so-called humane organizations for refusing to deal with the state's most egregious cruelty - live pigeon shoots.

Veterinarian Falsifies Animal Death 

Why is Tim Eastman, the official veterinarian for the California Rodeo in Salinas, misrepresenting the death of a steer, and making nonsensical claims about animal anatomy?


Online Petition Against Barnyard Scramble

An online petition has been started against the cruel Martinsville Barnyard Scramble that SHARK recently exposed. This event, where young children chase, kick and pounce on young animals is a true disgrace.
Sign the petition HERE

Watch the video HERE

One of the Barnyard Scramble staff members carrying a young pig through the arena.


"Rodeo sponsor charged with molesting minor"

From the Mountain View Telegraph:

"Don Martinez, whose name has long been synonymous with high school rodeos in Torrance County, has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges of criminal sexual contact with a teenage boy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor."
"Martinez is well-known as the adult sponsor of the Moriarty and Estancia High School Rodeo. He has also coordinated events sponsored by the New Mexico High School Rodeo Association and the X-Treme High School Rodeo Club."

This is a screen shot from the Los Alamos Daily Post. That, and the story above, says it all.





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