Rich Pieros of New Jersey, will face a charge for hitting a wounded pigeon that landed on top of his automobile. Mr. Pieros was apparently incensed that the victim wounded by his associates would dare to bleed on his property. You can see videotape of the incident below.

And you can read more about Richard Pieros here: Somerville businessman faces Pennsylvania animal cruelty charge over pigeon shooting incident

Case Update: 

On December 13, 2012, two SHARK Investigators testified at an animal cruelty hearing in Pennsylvania against New Jersey resident Richard Pieros, owner of Pieros Construction and a long time pigeon shooter.

The case revolved around Pieros, who attended a pigeon shoot at the Erdman's Sportsmen's Association in Dauphin County, PA, where he was filmed striking a wounded pigeon that had landed on his vehicle.

From the above article on the trial:

"The goal of pigeon shooting is to shoot as many birds as possible. Live pigeons, locked in small boxes that are placed on a field. The boxes are remotely opened and the pigeons are mechanically ejected into the air. Mostly, they're like sitting ducks to shotgun-armed shooters standing several yards away. Many of the birds don't die instantly. Their limping bodies are scooped up by "trapper boys" and dumped into piles. As many as 1,500 pigeons can be discarded in one afternoon at a modestly attended shooting event, activists say."

Pieros' lawyer, David Kozloff (the main lawyer who works for the pigeon shooters - we'll have more on him soon) desperately tried to have the part of the video where Pieros reacted angrily to having been filmed hitting the bird not allowed into evidence, but he failed.

He also tried to make the ridiculous claim that pigeons don't feel pain. Kozloff is an elderly, gaunt man who looks like he popped out of some bad 1920's horror film. His scientific views seem to be from around that era as well.

Even though our video shows Pieros hitting the pigeon with his hat, the judge - Gregory D. Johnson - ruled there wasn't enough evidence. View the video and judge for yourself.

Tragically, pigeon shooters have been given carte blanche and protection by the Pennsylvania judiciary in the past, even when the evidence is clear and overwhelming.  This is just another example of a wealthy pigeon shooter escaping justice.

Animal Killers try to Cover Up 

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