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In our last update we told you that we were in Oklahoma to film a cruel live pigeon shoot political fundraiser held by Jim Inhofe, the United States Senator from Oklahoma.  

Even though Inhofe tried to hide where he was going to shoot, we found the location, Robbins Farm, which is in Greer County, OK. We set up legally on the side of a public road and then sent up our drone, called the “Angel” to film the shoot.

Video of pigeons being thrown into the air, taken by our Angel drone


We flew two successful flights and landings where we filmed the birds being hand-thrown into the air and then shot. When we went up a third time, someone at the Inhofe fundraiser took a high-powered rifle and shot the Angel. It had just enough power to make it back but it crashed landed on a nearby embankment. We were able to retrieve it though there was significant damage done.  

We know this was deliberate because the shotguns being used to kill pigeons didn’t have the range to hit the Angel. We also recorded the sound of rifle fire so there’s no question about what happened.


This was a criminal act where damage to personal property was caused by someone using a firearm, and we called 911 from the scene. When the 911 operator called back, she said that the sheriff stated it was “not a crime” to shoot down a drone and that they would not come out. 

The sheriff either doesn't know the law, or he is corrupt and deliberately lying to protect a US senator. Either way, a crime was committed where damage was done to personal property, and local law enforcement is ignoring it.

If any of us took a rifle and shot at another persons personal property, we’d be in jail right now. Whether it is not paying proper sales tax on the birds used for his shoot, or using federal property to hold a political fundraiser and federally funded employees as servants to serve his donors, Inhofe believes that he is not bound by the same rules that you or I are. We also cannot ignore that he held a political fundraiser on 9/11 that involved the mass shooting of living beings for fun. It was disgraceful and as disrespectful as can be. 
Close up of part of the damage that was done to the Angel

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