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SHARK, This is what I posted on our campaign Facebook page if you would share it with your followers:


"The video I saw yesterday of Sen. Inhofe's fundraiser where they kill hundreds pigeons for fun was nauseating. It has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, which I support, and it certainly has nothing to do with hunting, which I also support. In fact, every hunter I know expressed outrage and disgust at this event.


What is also despicable is how the campaign lied on video about feeding dead pigeon to the homeless !!


They tried to walk it back by saying it's a "traditional shooting sport" apparently back in the "1900 Olympics." Even in 1900 the Olympic Committee realized it was primitive and wrong which is why it never returned after 1900.


This is tasteless and out of touch with Oklahomans, including hunters. He doesn't have the time to debate even though Rep. Lankford and Gov. Fallin are debating but he has time for this?"


-Matt Silverstein


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