Cops For Cockfighting

With cockfighting illegal in all 50 states you may wonder why the cruelty is allowed to blatantly continue in so many places. In some cases the answer is crooked cops who refuse to enforce the laws they swore an oath to other cases the answer is much darker - the cops are deeply involved as cockfighters themselves. This website will shed some light on cops who support cockfighting.

Ronnie Bennett and Kyle Simpson of Harlan County KY

One of SHARK’s first major exposés in the world of cockfighting was of a father and son cockfighting operation in Harlan County, KY. 

The father, Ronnie Bennet, was a Captain at the Harlan County Detention Center. His son, Kyle Simpson, was a Corrections Officer at the same center.  We scoured both men’s Facebook pages, which were public, and found a trove of evidence linking them to cockfighting.  We should note that it was apparently no secret in the detention center about Mr. Bennett’s illegal cockfighting, meaning that other law enforcement officers were aware and yet did nothing to stop the criminal activity.

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Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson

In the cesspool of corruption that is Kentucky’s law enforcement community, there appears to be no agency that is interested in standing up to the cockfighting mafia. With a bar so low to begin with, you might think it would be hard to be worse than average. But Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson has found a way.

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Chilton County, AL Sheriff John Shearon

In August, 2020, SHARK found out about a major pro-cockfighting party to be held at Brent Easterling’s rooster farm in Verbena, AL. As this was in the middle of a raging pandemic, and lockdown orders were in place, we called on Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon to shut the event down. In his email response to SHARK Sheriff Shearon stated: 

"Chicken fighting is a violation in Alabama that carries a fine of $50.00 if convicted.  I attached the state code at the bottom so you could see it.  It is hard spending our Citizen’s Tax Dollars on something that is only a violation.”

Laurel County KY Sheriff's Deputy Jacklyn Johnson

Jacklyn Johnson is a bailiff with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department. She’s also a self-proclaimed cockfighter who works at a notorious cockfighting pit in KY called “CJ’s Pit.” CJ’s is in Laurel County. Is it any wonder why the Laurel County Sheriff never shut down CJ’s, when one of their own worked at the illegal fighting pit?

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