Cops For Cockfighting

With cockfighting illegal in all 50 states you may wonder why the cruelty is allowed to blatantly continue in so many places. In some cases the answer is crooked cops who refuse to enforce the laws they swore an oath to other cases the answer is much darker - the cops are deeply involved as cockfighters themselves. This website will shed some light on cops who support cockfighting.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root

John Root is the sheriff of Laurel County, Kentucky. Many people say Laurel County is the most corrupt county in the state of Kentucky. To whatever degree that is true, Sheriff John Root is a big part of the reason.  A former Kentucky State Police Trooper, Sheriff John Root acts more like a mafia boss than a law enforcement officer. Root openly not only allows, but supports cockfighting - the to point that he had a known cockfighter on his staff.

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Captain Randal Surber, KSP

Randal Surber is Captain of the KY State Police Post 9, which covers Pike County and two major illegal cockfighting operations - the Blackberry Pit, and the Hawk’s Nest Pit. SHARK provided exact locations for both pits, as well as dates and times of fights. We even supplied a schedule printed for the Hawk's Nest pit. Even though we handed these pits to Captain Surber on a plate, illegal fights have been allowed to happen time and time again.
Surber's excuse for this allowance of criminal activity is that "it is being investigated." Police can make this claim about a crime already committed, but they can't allow criminals to continue their illicit operations for weeks, months, years! The fact that no one in the state police, from the most local right up to the state headquarters in Frankfurt will do anything to stop this means that the entire agency of the state police is apparently on the take from the Cockfighting Mafia.

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Colonel Phillip Burnett, Jr - Kentucky State Police Commissioner

Phillip Burnett Jr. is the Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police. SHARK has repeatedly alerted Commissioner Burnett to multiple ongoing criminal cockfighting operations in the state. We have included specific latitude/longitude coordinates for locations. We have provided schedules at times. Incredibly, Commissioner Burnett has never replied - not once.

Open Letter to Kentucky State Poilice

SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness)
PO Box 28 • Geneva, IL 60134 • 630-557-0176

An Open Letter to Col. Phillip Burnett Jr., KY State Police Commissioner

Commissioner Burnett,

I am writing to you today, July 1, 2021, one day before the beginning of a long holiday of illegal cockfighting which will be ignored by you and your entire agency, on your watch. The animal cruelty and illegal gambling will be accompanied by drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and human trafficking. Because there will be good people actively working to expose these crime scenes, there may well be extreme violence not just against animals, but also against people at the hands of the cockfighters.

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